We aim to serve our customers quality, local, Wagyu Beef
with care—from our pasture to your plate.


The Wagyu Beef on our menu is sourced from the Lazy K Ranch located in Columbia Falls, Montana. The Lazy K is a small family owned ranch focused on raising the highest quality Wagyu Beef on grass and locally grown alfalfa hay. Totally grass or locally grain finished beef is available. No growth hormones are used on our sustainable ranching operation. Our Lazy K Wagyu Beef is processed and distributed locally in the Flathead Valley at the following locations.



  • Flathead Fish & Seafood Co, Columbia Falls, MT
  • Withey’s Health Foods, Kalispell, MT
  • M&S Meats, Kalispell & Rollins, MT


  • Beargrass Bistro, Lakeside, MT
  • Tamarack Brewing Co, Missoula & Lakeside, MT


Each Wagyu Wagon burger and slider is crafted with Lazy K Wagyu Beef marbled to perfection. Our sausages have just the right mix of Wagyu Beef and delicious pork making an excellent juicy bratwurst or hotdog. Menu items are served out of our mobile food truck with liberal portions of hand cut fries and special sauce. Our ingredients are always fresh to ensure a great tasting meal you will remember. We like to keep things simple because our beef speaks for itself!


The marbling (or intramuscular fat (IMF)) in Wagyu Beef creates delicious flavors and tender textures in the meat. In addition to exceptional taste, Wagyu meat has increased human health benefits compared to other cattle breeds. Health experts found that the monounsaturated (MFA) to saturated fatty acid ratio in Wagyu is higher than other beef breeds. (2) A study conducted at the University of Kyushu, Japan found that Wagyu Beef had 20% higher MFA concentrations than hay fed Angus Beef. Wagyu muscle tissue MFA content is dominated by oleic acid (OA). An article in the Journal of Nutrition found OA can increase beneficial HDL-cholesterol and decrease harmful LDL-cholesterol in consumers lowering their risk of heart disease. (1) Wagyu Beef can serve as a heart healthy protein in any delectable meal.


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